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10 pcs Round Seamless Tablecloths - Urban Square Displays
Urban Square Displays

10 pcs Round Seamless Tablecloths

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  • High-quality - These are the same premium tablecloths supplied for lavish events. They are woven on a hydraulic loom from top-grade, 200 gsm (grams per square meter) polyester. This is the most-requested weight, since thinner material is prone to tears / stretch marks, and thicker material does not drape or hang from the table as well. The fine polyester fabric is extremely elegant, and each tablecloth will look fantastic after one use or many.
  • Seamless design - Each tablecloth is cut entirely from one single piece of fabric.
  • Hemmed edge - Most-often requested hemmed edge (sewn).
  • Easy care - Wrinkle and stain resistant. Machine washable.
  • Color-fast dyes - Color will not bleed, run or transfer.

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